A data center is a facility that holds a lot of hosting servers. The hosting servers can be employed for a number of functions - hosting, file and image storage, computing, and so forth. All bigger firms that supply online services have their machines in one or several data centers as such a facility can offer the desired conditions and protection for the data kept on the hosting servers. This includes environmental settings for the temperature and humidity in order to guarantee the optimum performance and long life of the web servers, backup power generators, hardware monitoring and last, but not least, physical protection as to make certain that your information cannot be accessed by an unauthorized third-party. A inadequately performing data center could easily undermine the services a business offers.

Data centers in Web Hosting

If you choose to purchase a web hosting solution from our company, you shall be able to choose between 5 data centers on the order page and you could have your account set up in Colohouse (Chicago, United States), UK Servers (Coventry, United Kingdom), Amaze (Sydney, Australia), Ficolo (Pori, Finland) or S3Company (Sofia, Bulgaria). We have servers in various locations in order to give you a choice to opt for the most suitable one for your websites, so both you and your site visitors will enjoy high loading speeds. Every one of the facilities provides 24/7 technical support, power generators and several Internet routes through some of the biggest Internet service providers in the specific country. In addition to our revolutionary cloud web hosting platform, this means quite simply no service disruptions of any kind, so your websites shall be working all the time. The facilities are amongst the largest ones on the planet and some of them house even government servers, so collocating our machines there enables us to focus on presenting new services and bettering the existing ones continuously.