A dedicated IP address is an exclusive numeric identifier on the net that's assigned to a device or a website. Shared web hosting servers usually have a large number of sites under a single IP, while dedicated ones have their own IPs which aren't shared with anyone else. Even when you use a regular shared account, however, you'll be able to purchase a dedicated IP address that will be used only by your websites - one or a few. Since this can add up to the speed of yourwebsite, it is much more likely that the site will get greater search engine result positions. Certainly, this is not the sole factor, but it can help you have more visitors and prospective clients. The dedicated IP is also required when you intend to secure the info exchanged between a website and its visitors using an SSL certificate.

Dedicated IP Address in Web Hosting

We provide dedicated IPs with all our web hosting irrespective of the data center location and you are able to buy one or several IPs via your Hepsia Control Panel. An additional section will show up in your account and you'll be able to request, view or delete your IPs with a couple of clicks. You will be able to select what number of sites or subdomains will use a certain IP since you can assign one with a couple of clicks to every hostname. For example, www.domain.com can be your main website, which uses a server's shared IP, and shop.domain.com can be a subdomain where you offer services or goods on the net and it might have a dedicated IP address combined with an SSL certificate. You can switch the IP which a site uses from the Hosted Domains section where you can also keep track which IPs are in use and which ones are available. You can also set a few of your websites to use a single dedicated IP provided that there's no SSL set up for it.