PhpPgAdmin is a highly developed, yet easy-to-use application, which provides you with complete control of all your PostgreSQL databases. It's similar to phpMyAdmin and you'll be able to use it to edit any kind of content within a PostgreSQL database, to import or export the entire database or only specific cells, rows and tables, and to modify the permissions that a specific database user has. As phpPgAdmin supports a variety of file formats (CSV, SQL, XML), you're able to employ it to transfer a site from one website hosting service provider to a different one and even view the database content with any spreadsheet app on your pc. Even though there're other applications which you can employ online to manage PostgreSQL databases using web interface as well, phpPgAdmin is without a doubt the most popular one since it's convenient and offers plenty of features.

phpPgAdmin in Semi-dedicated Servers

In case you'd like to use PostgreSQL databases for your websites and you have a semi-dedicated server account from our company, you'll be able to access phpPgAdmin to take care of them since the application is part of all our packages. Setting up a new database normally takes just a couple of clicks in the website hosting Control Panel and with just an extra click on the phpPgAdmin button that will appear on the right-hand side of the database, you'll be able to sign in automatically and execute all the tasks that you need. We also supply an alternative to log in manually when you have the database credentials, so you won't need to sign in through your website hosting account. This will enable you to give accessibility to a database to other people, such as a third-party graphic designer, without jeopardizing the security of your site content, email messages or private info.