When you buy a brand new web hosting, it is generated on a server and the process will take a while, not mentioning the validation and processing of your fee, which many companies execute personally. If you get a dedicated server, for example, the installation takes longer because the machine has to be built, installed and tried to make sure that it will function efficiently. This is the reason why the majority of suppliers have a one-time charge to cover the time and efforts devoted to your brand new account. The charge, which sometimes is quite high, is normally not mentioned on the main page, and you'll notice it on the checkout or payment page, thus you won't be familiar with it before you have already gone through the whole signup process and you may even overlook it if you do not pay attention.

Setup Fee in Semi-dedicated Servers

When you purchase a semi-dedicated server plan through our company, you'll pay only the monthly fee that is already displayed on our website. The account will be made on our servers and we'll activate it within a matter of minutes without extra cost. This is valid for every monthly fee and irrespective of the number of accounts that you get. It is our principle that it is not reasonable to charge extra money for a task that we've almost fully automated, which means that you'll never see any kind of installation charges or another concealed fees. As a result, the rates that are on our main page, on the payment page and on your bank statement will always be identical.

Setup Fee in VPS Servers

Although creating a VPS server takes time and efforts, we will never charge you any kind of setup costs regardless if you buy several servers at once. When you register, you have to pay solely the regular monthly charge for the chosen package and we'll assemble your VPS, mount its Operating System, website hosting Control Panel and software bundle (web server, MySQL, FTP) without further charge. The renewal charges for the following months will be identical to the original registration fee. We think that getting one more customer that trusts us is much more important than receiving a modest one-time fee, so when you obtain a virtual server through us, you will never see any hidden charges.

Setup Fee in Dedicated Servers

When you buy a dedicated server through our company, all you'll have to pay will be the standard monthly cost for the package. We shall put together the hardware that you have picked throughout the signup, we will install an Operating System, web server, website hosting Control Panel as well as all the other software that is provided with our packages, then test your machine, but we'll never require that you pay anything extra for that. The price of the dedicated server you select will be exactly the same - on the front page, on the order page and during your payment process, and there are no hidden costs of any sort. If you get a dedicated server equipped with the Hepsia control panel and you already have a shared hosting account from our company, we will transfer all your data - again free of charge.