What is Drupal?

Assuming that you are searching for a safe CMS app, then you can safely select the exact same app that is used by the White House (WhiteHouse.gov) and The Economist (Economist.com) – Drupal. The Drupal CMS is obtainable at zero cost, it is really quite convenient and very customizable. It enables you to make any kind of website within minutes.

With more than 500,000 active members, Drupal boasts one of the biggest web app communities. The community has helped design hundreds of totally free Drupal templates, has widened the main features of Drupal with lots of Drupal extensions and is always prepared to support and share know–how about how exactly things are carried out in the Drupal camp.

Drupal is a trademark of Dries Buytaert and is not connected with Simply Practical Websites.

Drupal–Optimized Web Hosting Services

In case you want a solid Drupal web hosting solution, you have arrived at the right place. At Simply Practical Websites, all the Drupal web hosting services include a 99.9% service uptime, guaranteed. We will even install & set up Drupal for you just after sign–up. In addition, assuming that at any point in the initial 30 days you’re not satisfied with our products – we shall give you your money back, no questions asked.

Every one of our Drupal web hosting deals on top of that provides you with unlimited disk space, limitless traffic and infinite MySQL storage. Because of that, your web site can grow and become more popular than ever without you being required to care about reaching any feature limitations.

A Point & Click Web Hosting Control Panel

The Drupal web hosting offers include a simple to use Web Hosting Control Panel, which has been 100% designed by us. It is offered in a range of languages and designs, so you can personalize it as per your personal preferences. The Control Panel incorporates an easy to use interface that has a wide variety of tools, which will supply you with total control over the content of your site.

You get a drag–and–drop File Manager where your Drupal files will be kept, a Databases Manager for your databases, coupled with a fully featured Email Manager via which you can control all of your mailboxes. Furthermore, you will get access to an in depth statistics tool that will update you with real–time information regarding your site visitors and resource usage.